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Consulting and Advisory Centre for Family and Interpersonal Relations
(dealings between people)

Motto: “A Family is a microcosm. Scrutinizing of the family is completely enough for understanding of the world. The values, such as strength, intimacy, autonomy, self-confidence and the ability to communicate are essential components on which a quality of our life depends. To change the world means to change the family. Destiny of a family depends on insight into feelings and needs, which lie below the surface of everyday events. Most of the people are aware of only about 10% of events that really happen…”

(In. V. Satir, A book about Family)

The bureau for Central Bohemian District has gradually transformed the network of CACs into independent organisations with financial contribution. This fact continues old tradition of marriage and family consulting and advisory bureaus not only in the District of Central Bohemia but also in the whole Czech Republic.

CACs belong to a network of social services through which the state provides social services to its citizen (in this case social, marital and family counselling).

CACs are specialized, professional, psychological places of work oriented to provide help and support in a trustworthy, reliable and neutral atmosphere and help to lead up to deeper understanding of clients´ own situation and its solution by means of clients own powers.

Moreover, the help and support are focused to upbringing and advisory care to families, marital couples, partners in cohabitation and also to people having any problems in different dealings between people or even to people living alone. The work of consulting centres (CACs) concentrate especially on marriages endangered by breakdown, on improvement of relationship among divorced partners and their children, on upbringing of the children, parental care of children or to intergenerational relationship in particular families as well.

Furthermore, CACs are ready to help persons in serious personal or relational situation, to people who e.g. lost their job and lonely citizens. These really need such help. Members of staff give their clients a hand to understand the reasons that led to disturbance in their family, marital or interpersonal relations and what is more. There is a quidance to have an insight into relations of themselves. They help to clear away the cause of the problem to find the way out and consequently to solve the problem itself.

Services in CACs are provided by means of psychotherapy and consulting, in very serious cases there comes emergency measures or intervention and if needed, a special psychological examination is done or in much more complicated cases after agreement of the client other institutions are consulted by the staff.

CACs are Concerning methodology and professional support, CACs are directed by „Asociace manželských a rodinných poradců CR“ (AMRP CR), which establishes qualification demands necessary for or really professional work. It also provides and organise educational programmes in cooperation with Psychological Departments for Social Work on some of the Universities in CR. Owing to this fact, it is possible to differentiate between particular qualification levels (marital and family advisor, independent marital and family advisor…) AMRP provides their members professional supervision of advisory work. By means of all its activities AMRP helps to realise the whole life educational program for advisors and in consequence it leads to higher quality of their profession. Finally, this al guarantee quality of provided services in each of the work places.

Basic areas of problems that bring client to CACs.

Personal problematic – intrapersonal, existential, interpersonal – i. e. problems in relations, personal problems, unemployment, reaction to a loss of a close relative, family breakdown, sexuologic and psychosomatic problems.

Problematic of Pairs – problem in partner, marital or extramarital relations in case of need, we help to reach an agreement with an ex-partner on adjustment of cohabitation.

Family Problematic – concerning relations among family members or relationship between a family and its surroundings, parent – child relations including all problems with upbringing and formation of a child, housekeeping, serious dysfunctions and lack of cohesion of a family, or cohabitation of more generations. In all of this cases we create and parental agreements about fulfilment of all functions of a family.

Social problematic – concerning not only situations of social plight or hardship but also problems with Forster care, communication meetings between a parent and a child under the age in case of dysfunctional arrangement after a divorce. In such a case, it is very often necessary to consult also other institutions such as Department of Social and Legal Protection of Children and Adolescents at Municipality.

Forms of provided services consultations individual, pair, family and group psychotherapy, emergency personal intervention, intervention by telephone or in writing. Apart from focused advisory and psychotherapeutic influence on clients, also other techniques are used e.g. practise of techniques of relaxation, assertive behaviour, hypnotherapy or group therapy. Space for „supported meetings“ between children and divorced parents. Approach to problematic of violence to a family member.

Conditions for using services of CACs:

  • Everyone regardless to age, sex, nationality, belief etc.
  • If a client is underage, the family cooperation is welcome and taken for granted
  • No commend or reference is needed
  • Client can be anonymous
  • Ethic principles, rules of neutrality and independence of another institutions such as quality standards are fully garanted
  • All workers are bind to secrecy and a client can rely on their silence
  • All services are offered for free


Nabídka pracovního místa

7. 3. 2018

Centrum psychologicko-sociálního poradenství Středočeského kraje pro svá pracoviště v Berouně, Kutné Hoře, Nymburku, Kolíně, Mladé Boleslavi, Příbrami a Praze hledá poradce na celý, případně poloviční úvazek. Podmínkou je ukončené vzdělání v magisterském oboru humanitního směru a terapeutický výcvik. Výhodou je praxe v práci s rodinou a dětmi. Pracoviště se zabývá problematikou partnerských a rodinných konfliktů, náročných situací v uspořádání vztahů mezi rodiči a dětmi po rozvodu, úzce spolupracuje s orgánem péče o dítě (OSPOD) a jinými organizacemi. Nástup možný ihned. V případě zájmu zašlete své CV na adresu: d.prokop@poradna-rakovnik.cz V případě dotazů nás můžete kontaktovat na tel. čísle: 313 512 657 nebo 604 501 144.